My main goal is to create a relationship with music that is long lasting. If you enjoy music, the practice will be a joy, not a burden.

Positivity and breathing/meditation are two elements in music that are often overlooked. Music can be a lot like a relationship; if you have a spiritual connection with it, you will know the joy music can bring for a lifetime.

Violin/fiddle is my primary instrument. However, I teach mandolin, guitar, basic piano, saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and music theory.

I would teach the children music, physics and philosophy, but the most important is music, for in the patterns of the arts are the keys to all learning. ~ Plato


2 thoughts on “TEACHING

  1. How are you Mr. Hect, My name is Latasha and I would like to purchase your Groupon deal for my 7 year old daughter. However, I’d would like to know if you come to Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn zip 11235 and exactly how many lessons would she receive for the $200? Please get back to me as soon as you can and thanks so very much for your time and attention.

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